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My name’s Kate, I’m 22 years old. Almost three years ago I signed up for «LifeTime School»’s course to study English. I had loads of reasons to do it, one of them was an ability of communication with natives from different countries.
«LifeTime School» always has a comfortable and cozy atmosphere - that’s why the education process is easy and fun. My teachers - Maria and Dmitry have made English very interesting for me.
Recently I started visiting Conversation class beсause it’s excellent practice. Also weekly I borrow special movies with Russian and English subtitles. It helps me to understand everyday English. I try to find different ways to get new knowledge in this area. I listen and translate foreign songs, read books and surf English and American websites.
I didn’t expect that English could become a rather big part of my life.


Hi, I’m Kate Pelevina. I started studying English in September 2005. Before I’d only studied German at school and university. It was very boring and monotonous! I thought foreign language wasn’t for me. But ‘LifeTime’ changed my opinion. It is qualified teachers (my teacher knows everything – I don’t exaggerate), interesting books (tests, songs and articles about famous people) and always good mood. I’m happy that I’ve opened English with ‘LifeTime’!

     My name’s Kirill. I’ve been learning the English Language at this school called “LifeTime” since 2005. I love the English course because I’ve learnt lots of new words from our smart books which use plenty of interesting methods of teaching. All the teachers who taught me are really clever and interesting to talk to. You can always get a lot of skills and experiences while learning English over here. Although you should pay much money it’s not a waste of time. It’s the best school I’ve ever known.
Hi! My name is Marina. I'm 16 years old. This summer I'm learning English and I've been learning German since November. Now I have lessons of German and English every day. I love Germany very much and I want to live there. I need English for my studies.
     I used to think that to speak a foreign language fluently is too difficult or simply impossible. But I changed my mind when I started learning English at “LifeTime” school. The methods, which are used here, do not make you feel tired. On the contrary, you get more and more interested in the language. Only now I’ve realized how cool it is to know a foreign language, to be able to speak it.
     At first I started studying English to get prepared for my entrance exam at university. I’d studied at a different school for 5 months but I was really upset because I didn’t understand a lot of rules. Then my friend recommended “LifeTime” school to me and a miracle happened! I know now that I can learn a lot of things within a short time. Some people might say that it sounds like magic. I would answer that there is no magic. It’s just “LifeTime” school!
If you haven’t chosen a place to study a foreign language – you should choose “LifeTime”!